Our Guide to Looking After Your Knitwear

The best thing about the cold weather? Digging out your favourite knits (and treating yourself to a few new ones, of course). Whether you’re cosying up in cashmere or wrapping up in wool, looking after your winter warmers will ensure they live a long and beautiful life.

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Keeping Them Young

There’s nothing worse than a tired-looking bobbly knit. But bobbling is not necessarily a sign of poor quality. It’s simply the behaviour of certain yarns. And it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a good de-bobbler. So invest in one now and have your knits looking brand new all winter long.

Keeping Them Clean

When it comes to keeping your knits clean, you should always follow the care label. Contrary to popular belief, most knits (including cashmeres) don’t need to be dry cleaned. Your safest bet is to hand-wash in cold water. If you’re short on time, put them on a 20-degree wash (inside out, and in a mesh bag for protection). But never (ever) tumble dry them, as the heat will cause the yarn to shrink.


Keeping Them in Shape

Always lay your knits flat while they dry, and store them folded in a drawer rather than hung in a wardrobe. This way, the weight of the yarn won’t stretch and misshape the knit. If you do want to slightly re-adjust the shape of your knit, do so while it is damp by stretching (or compressing) the yarn along the seams.

Keeping Them Safe

Before stowing your knits away for another year, ensure they are completely clean. This will deter moths and also ensure you’re not greeted with unwanted, stubborn stains. It’s good to keep an air supply to the yarn, so rather than vacuum packing, store them in plastic boxes.

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