Lunar New Year

“Pass your pooch a party hat; it’s the year of the dog”

Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival – whatever you call it, it’s the perfect excuse to crack open the bubbles. Here’s where you should be celebrating The Year of the Dog (puppy optional).


Start the day off right and head down to Charing Cross Road at 10am where dragon and lion dances kick things off, making their way through Chinatown. At midday, Trafalgar Square’s main stages get going with traditional dance shows, while foodies of the world unite at the traditional Chinese food trucks that line Chinatown and Trafalgar square.

New York

To celebrate Lunar New Year in the Big Apple, head down to Chinatown to watch the annual parade, which runs down Mott St from Canal St. With dragon dance displays, traditional Chinese cuisine and fireworks, the New York celebrations cement the city’s reputation as the city that never sleeps.

Los Angeles

True to LA style, the Lunar New Year festivities in the city’s Montery Park run for two days. Taking over five blocks with folk art, traditional food, and dragon and lion dances, lanterns fill the sky at night to make it a moment to remember. To get a little more spiritual, Los Angeles’ Thien Hau Temple holds a midnight ceremony where you can burn incense for good fortune.

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