Betting 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Royal Ascot

Betting at the races. It’s a minefield of odds, confusing lingo and sheer luck. But not this year. Because this race season, you’ll be armed with our best tips and tricks to owning the track and showing your friends exactly who’s boss.

Pro Tip #1

Look beyond the name

We’ve all done it. Looking down the list and picking the horse with the best name is the easy way out, but it won’t win you the big bucks.

Pro Tip #2

Step away from the favourite

If the odds-on favourite won all the time, everyone would be raking in the cash. Look past the odds and assess the ability of the horse. Was it injured in previous races but is in top physical condition this time? Was the favourite’s good run just a fluke? This can all affect the odds, so do your research.

Pro Tip #3

Trust your gut

Don’t let the bookies talk you out of your bet. If your gut’s telling you this horse is The One, then it’s The One.

 Pro Tip #4

Don’t be afraid to bet big with low odds

Sure, it’s a lower pay-out. But if you put big money on small odds and consistently win throughout the day, you’ll go home with more money than the bigger risk takers.

Pro Tip #5

Copy the friend that keeps winning

Betting’s hard work. If all else fails and you really can’t figure it out, copy the friend that keeps winning (we won’t tell).

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